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Vibration monitoring system of WWER-1000 main circulation pumps (MCP VMS)

The purpose of MCP VMS is to monitor the parameters of pump units in order to ensure the early detection of abnormal states of their mechanical and electrical equipment.

MCP vibration monitoring system consists of measuring channels and industrial PC with installed AD data conversion cards. A measuring channel consists of a vibration speed measuring sensor (accelerometer) and a signal preamplifier connected with the analog input device.

The hardware structure is given in Table 1.

MCP VMS Block DiagramFigure 1. MCP VMS Block Diagram
Table 1. MCP VMS Hardware Structure
No. Equipment Characteristic
1 Industrial PC Pentium III-500 manufactured by
2 Analog input card 32 channels, L1250, manufactured by L-Card
3 Preamplifier power supply unit 30 V, 5 А

8 accelerometers are installed on each MCP. The signals from the accelerometers arrive at the preamplifier package (8 channels per each pump unit out of 4) and then go to the analog input devices. After digitization the signals are processed by a computer using VMS software. MCP VMS block diagram is given in Figure 1.

This solution offers apparent advantages:

  • Using a standard industrial PC and all-purpose versatile analog input devices enables them to be easily replaced in case of failure;
  • The availability of ever-expanding range of option PC cards on the market enables upgrading the system without capital investments ;
  • The increased technical capabilities of state-of-the-art analog input cards enable multichannel simultaneous recording of input signals and thus improve the time of response to the changes in the input signals.

1. MCP VMS Technical Performance

Table 2. MCP VMS Technical Performance
Number of channels32
Frequency ranges0-50 Hz
0-500 Hz
0-5000 Hz
Basic mode of operationVibration speed monitoring within
a specified frequency range
Time of response to change of vibration speed in any channel1 sec.
Monitored vibration speed range0.1-25 mm/sec.
Additional processing functionsSpectral analysis, co-spectra,
phases, coherence

2. Software

MCP VMS software is developed to work under Microsoft Windows 95/98/NT/2000.

Figures 2, 3 provide screen views during the monitoring and post-event analysis of MCP vibration condition.

Screen View during MonitoringFigure 2. Screen View during Monitoring
Screen View during Post-Event Analysis of MCP Vibration ConditionFigure 3. Screen View during Post-Event
Analysis of MCP Vibration Condition

MCP VMS has been implemented at Unit 5 of Novovoronezh NPP and Units №1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 of Zaporizhzhya NPP so far and is currently being successfully operated. The system is planned to be supplied within the framework of the construction contract of “Tianwan” NPP in the People’s Republic of China.