Diagnostics Center
URL: https://diaprom.ru/
Address: office 329, Gazgoldernaya st. 14, Moscow 109518
Telephone/Fax: (495) 690-9195


A.D. Gutsev, Director of operationsA.D. Gutsev, Director of operations

The manufacture of diagnostic systems equipment is carried out both by JSC STCD in-house manufacture department and by way of outsourcing third party contractors. The outsourced organizations are licensed to manufacture the equipment for NPP.

The in-house manufacture department consists of:

  • Printed circuit board and wire manufacture section;
  • Assembling section;
  • Mechanical installation section;
  • Test section;
  • Warehouse.

The JSC STCD Printed circuit board and wire manufacture section is intended for the manufacture of printed board assemblies, electronic modules and circuits included in data-measuring unit (UII) cabinets as well as cables, wire harnesses and ribbon cables. The section is equipped with up-to-date equipment for surface mounting, Mantis visual inspection systems and control and measuring instruments.

The assembling section is intended for the assembly of instrument cabinets of data measuring units.

The mechanical installation section is where the installation of primary transducers such as relative displacement sensors (DOP-03, DOP-04) and pulse hammers included IM-1.

In the test area a wide range of functional tests is conducted ensuring compliance with the performance criteria of diagnostic systems to be supplied to the Customer. The area is equipped with up-to-date test and measuring equipment produced by the leading manufacturers.

The JSC STCD warehouse includes a storage area of components and materials and a storage area of finished products. The warehouse has reliable storage systems ensuring the proper level of control and accounting.

All manufacture departments are staffed with well qualified personnel having profound work experience in the nuclear power engineering.

The Quality Management System (QMS) has been adopted at JSC Diaprom. The QMS is certified in compliance with the requirements of international standard ISO 9001.