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Service Life Management

The Main Objectives of Service Life Management of NPP Unit Components are:

  • Ensuring the equipment reliability and NPP unit safe operation;
  • Ensuring the design target values with regard to the unit utilization and availability factor;
  • Optimization of operating costs due to the reduction of quantity of replaceable equipment.

The service life management of equipment components at all stages of NPP unit lifecycle is provided by way of:

  • NPP unit components diagnosis;
  • replacement (upgrade) of components with due consideration of state-of-the-art knowledge and technologies;
  • timely maintenance and repair.

Service life management process of NPP unit components involves:

  • compliance with the requirements of the applicable regulatory documents and guidelines that regulate NPP unit components ageing management;
  • identification of predominant mechanisms and effects of NPP unit components ageing;
  • implementation of measures aimed at the optimization of operating conditions in order to reduce the impact of ageing effects of NPP unit components;
  • inspection, technical evaluation and justification of residual life of NPP unit components;
  • maintaining the reliability of NPP unit components to comply with the requirements of technical documentation in order to ensure the required safety level throughout the whole NPP service life.