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Simulators for NPP

JSC "STCD" participated in the development of simulators for NPP:

Full-Scale Simulators

A full-scale simulator (FSS) of NPP unit is intended for training and competency management of main control room (MCR) operating personnel. FSS is a replica of real main and emergency control rooms and is based on the NPP unit integrated mathematical model.

Simulators are used to solve the following major tasks:

  • Initial training and re-training of operating personnel;
  • Operating personnel competency management;
  • Team work of the shift personnel;
  • Personnel on-site training and practical examination;
  • Obtaining permit for process in accordance with RD-04-29-99 Regulation on issuance of permits to be engaged in the field of nuclear energy use by NPP employees issued by Federal Inspectorate of Russia for Nuclear and Radiation Safety;
  • emergency response drills;
  • development of training programs for personnel advanced training;
  • training center instructor preparation;
  • simulation of real accidents at NPP and their analysis.

The major objective of simulator development and operation is to enhance the safety and cost-effectiveness of NPP operation due to improvement of operating personnel professional training.

Analytical Simulators

An analytical simulator (AS) is a software and hardware simulation facility intended for retraining and competency management of operating personnel using full-scale mathematical model of NPP unit that functions on a real time basis. The major difference of AS form FSS is that the MCR panels are provided in graph form.

The analytical simulator includes MCR operator and instructor workstations.

The operator interface consists of process system charts, graphic simulations of MCR panels and consoles, monitoring and control system screen formats as well as interface organization tools navigation, alarms, etc. The operator has a possibility of interactive equipment control with the help of the above tools.

The model is started and the whole simulator work is controlled from the trainer workstation including setting failures and impact of remote control (locally).

The scope of modeling of process systems and equipment, monitoring and control systems as well as the number of failures preset in the model enables modeling a wide range of normal, transient and emergency modes including severe reactor core disruption.

The analytical simulator is a powerful engineering tool to check the engineering solutions of new NPP units, to test control algorithms, to select settings of automatic regulators and optimize operational and emergency instructions.

Up-to-date graphic tools enable the creation of real panel images on interactive displays, and the controls on screen are active components enabling the simulation by the operator of the actions carried out in real MCR. Therefore the AS man-machine interface is similar to the operator performance in real MCR. This broadens the scope of application of AS for operating personnel training and enables the operator to use the conventional NPP controls.

Local Simulators

A local simulator (LS) is software and hardware package that simulates processes related to NPP operation, maintenance and equipment repair. LS are intended for operating personnel professional training.

The major objective for simulator development and use is the enhancement of safety and cost effectiveness of NPP operation due to the improvement of the operating personnel professional training.

The local simulators of various projects include:

  • main control room simulator;
  • refueling machine control station simulator;
  • simulator of water treatment local control panel;
  • simulator of equipment and systems of software and hardware package of operational I&C of field devices, engineering safety features actuation system (based on Teleperm-XS) and upper level unit system of I&Cn;
  • simulator of equipment and systems of NPP commercial dispatcher (wholesale electricity market simulator);
  • simulator of systems and equipment of instrumentation and control of Reactor Instrumentation, Control and Diagnostics System;
  • simulator of systems and equipment of instrumentation and control of reactor neutron flux monitoring equipment;
  • simulator of systems and equipment of software and hardware package of Instrumentation and Control System of Fire Protection.